This Room is dedicated to the Woman

We suggest to depart from the following considerations:

  • The woman as a historical expression of humanity -and it consequent subjugation
  • The woman as humanity agent – humanization, human unity as a female task
  • -The empowerment of women -the woman as the ultimate repository of power/decision-making in the future human society.- The woman has the last word.

We are inviting 20 significant experts in woman’s issues to submit their proposal for women´s empowerment in order to use it for a debate whose task is to agree on a proposal for a common system of human governance, considering immediate measures to stop and prevent any abuse, discrimination, and unfairness to women.

This agreement shall be published in the Congress Final and Open Document and included in the Universal Education System

In this Room, we collect standardized info about the progress of this area, but the debates are here