Exclusive or partial (state´s) decision-making ineludibly brings about confrontation and destruction because the natural expansion or development of one side results in prejudicial consequences for the other sides, while, at the same time, that development necessarily includes destruction and enforcement means.

Therefore, in our current and historical world, natural law is denied and subordinated to state justice, ruling all the same in all countries or states. So it was clearly identified and exposed by Confucius and Aristotle despite the fact that they were uncommunicated.

The state organization is necessarily hierarchical or pyramidal and the state’s economy is necessarily distributive, this is; it assigns much to some and little to all others so that the last ones stay at the disposal or mercy of the first ones and so they can be exploited, and their mistreatment is an option. All this putting aside common sense, fairness or natural law, and not because it is a ‘wrong’ political option, but consubstantial and ineludible to exclusive decision-making units or states. All that because the use of force, inequality, and enforcement is needed in order to face other units also making decisions excluding us.

Please, stop trying to deceive ourselves with the illusion of states peaceful relations, because any weapon or arm is hierarchically integrated within an armed unit or state, otherwise, either it is illegal or it is enemy, and, therefore, it has to be destroyed.

Human unification is basically about jointly dismantling of borders and armies joint dissolution, and there is no other problem or contradiction among humans. Indeed, besides the punctual arm activity of killing, the arm constant effect is to deprive, and, therefore, to disarm is to build up the human community.

So, human unity is no longer a super-state but a human community. Because armies’ only reason to be is against each other, and if we unite, armies are useless, redundant, and a state is basically an armed unit controlling people and territory. On the other side, the community´s inclusive decision making only refers to common and objective issues and not personal issues such as our likes or dislikes, style, beliefs, etc. and among those objective issues, the only contradiction among humans are the arms which deprive us of freedom to actually be humans and to rule ourselves by common sense, natural law. Therefore, disarmament is the same as reconstructing humanity.

Except the arms meant to harm, all other things are there to serve us and, therefore, we all have the same understanding to know what betters something according to its end or service and we can all agreed-upon, as also we all know whom, when, how… something shall serve, the best use of resources and what is common good.

United not only armies disappear, but there will not be then any arms or weapons because they are meant to harm, to kill and united we will distinguish bad –or harm or that meant to harm- from good –that what is there to serve us and meant for cooperation- as clear as we distinguish white from black or sweet from bitter, and we all will naturally support the common good.

And we can do also love humanity now by joining the human unity movement.