HUM is calling for a Universal Congress, transparent and open to everybody, where experts in different areas of common interest will present their proposals for common cooperation, submitting them to everybody´s consideration, judgment, and agreement. so that we, all together, can put in motion human unity, this is; common, inclusive decision making forever.

We would like the congresspersons to generate a public and open document so that everybody can show her agreement or disagreement or suggest improvements (particularly those experts who did not attend the Congress), aiming at using it as a guide for human cooperation and unity.

You can see the Congress general details in the following document





Here below you can see some more info on the Congress Working Groups

Humanity Congress Areas


And from now on until 2021, the date for the Unity Congress, we are going to solve current human conflicts.

Since our human positioning makes us part of both sides and also we have a genuine interest in their cooperation, because their hostilities are actually harming us, we have real authority to persuade them to stop their opposition and to allow common inclusive human decision making in 2021

Therefore we hereby are addressing those people with contacts in Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Venezuela….for them to convey the people there our proposal and applying them to allow and facilitate our visit.

Up to now, the war had no alternative, the war was the form of ‘freedom’, at least for one of the two sides and the end of the war did not bring peace but submission. Today ceasing war is peace and it is forever because Peace, which has always been Unity, is possible now, it is at our hands