The Universal Congress on Human Unity is now open

To you, to every person willing to benefit humanity, to contribute to the human common good.

The purpose of this Congress is to establish Human Unity´s terms, this is; to set up a join, inclusive decision-making system.

To that aim, we are asking the best and most relevant experts on common human issues to present their proposals, then discuss them up to agree on a joint proposal binding for the whole of humankind and therefore, it concerns us all and this is our meeting point

But, before entering it, please remember that you are participating simply as a person and not as a representative of any state.

And here, at this point, without going any further, we can understand that we match the condition needed to solve all conflicts, because our human positioning makes us part of both sides and, as part of both sides, we have a genuine interest in stopping hostilities, because their (mutual) harm is actually harming us, and, on the other side, we have the moral authority to persuade them to a ceasefire since it is our business also, as well in order to facilitate the discussions on a common, inclusive and permanent decision-making system.

Yes, this is the (Universal) Love we are talking about, which arises when we consider ourselves just humans. And we can also add at his point that there is no real love if it is not universal because if love is not inclusive we are brought to take part in one side or another of the ongoing conflicts, as it is actually happening to the people in the world who ignore this call on Human Unity, even if they think they would like the killings no to happen. There is no real love to anybody if it is not universal because our exclusivity forces all others, even those we say we love, to take parts, to force, and to be enforced …

Therefore we are asking those people with contacts in Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Ethiopia, Afganistan, Armenia and Azerbaijan, and other areas in a conflict that they let those people know about the human unity movement and about our willingness to mediate in the conflict:

Until now the war had no alternative, because the war was the only ‘freedom’, at least for one of both sides, and the end of the war was not peace but submission. Today the war end is peace because this time human unity is within our reach.

Also, it is convenient, please, that you read the following document on a Human Universal Constitution

Now is your turn, use your free judgment, you are now the main character here, you are invited on an equal footing to contribute with your proposals or improving other´s proposal on the human unity and its cooperation terms and, finally, because in the end, you need to decide if you want it according to the Congress results, so, please, go ahead, enter the Congress: You are most welcome!

Thank you!