This is the Room for Technologies

we propose it to be divided into

1.Food 2.Health 3. Infrastructures, transport, and mobility, 4. Manufacture 5. Energy and 6. Environment.

We are inviting 10 best experts of each sector, coming from companies, universities, and other entities to present their proposals on human joint development in their sectors, this is to say, what they see as priorities, possibilities, beneficial effects, etc. Then each division will openly discuss the production of a joint proposal. Once an agreed proposal is reached in each sector, it is still under supervision by other experts outside the Congress or anybody interested or by those concerned by its implementation in order to improve or adapt the proposal before its practice.

Finally, those proposals/guidelines on cooperation, common development, and sustainability in their respective sectors will be published in the Congress Open and Final Document stating the conditions to be met for carrying out those sectorial developments in terms of costs, investment, opportunity, innovation lines, range (time and space) of agreement, etc. so that every development sector can be balanced with other sectors´developments, and all those conditions have to be permanently dealt, evaluated, standardized and communicated by the Communication Group entrusted to supplying worldwide information regarding development plans implementation, as also sharing all the information to the Universal Education System.

We hope that technological development will be greatly enhanced by the reception of resources currently aimed at destruction purposes.

Here we collect all the standardized information on this area, but the room for proposals and debate is here