This is the Room for the Security Area

Currently, human security is kept by the states, therefore, they all are invited to follow up the Universal Congress on Human Unity through their link to the UN, we are kindly applying for its valuable support.

We will invite 20 relevant and significant experts in security and defense to present their proposals for a human shared security system, having into account that they cover all geographical areas, then we will publish their proposals here and they will be invited to discuss and to agree on a single proposal for a human security system to be published and proposed as binding for Humanity.

That proposal has to be accepted also by all states and they will consult with their citizens if they agree with the implementation of such a shared system, and once a universal and unanimous agreement is reached the system enters into practice with transparency, and all people’s responsibility and participation, because it concerns us all.

That agreement will be published in the Congress Open and Final Document and remitted to the Universal System of Education.

In this page we will collect all proposals and other information, while the discussion and debate area is here: