Some intelligent people of the past saw and understood that Peace and Love are the same as Human Unity or inclusive decision making because logically and obviously in this way (mutual) harm is excluded and, best, it brings about the use of common sense, this is, to treat others as we would like to be treated. But the vision of those people was only a dream, a hope in an unknown and incommunicado world.

And those people’s works could hardly have continuity because, in the past, beyond being human unity an inviable proposal in an unknown world, common sense weakens the state, something clearly exposed by Socrates’ case, and so is it that we hardly have references of this so simple, logical and evident way to put an end to human misery.

However, today with the current global interconnection allowing us to act simultaneously, universal peace and love are already possible and to promote human unity or common good is no longer prejudicial to the state since it affects all states in the same manner.

Even so, you have to understand that states, the partial or exclusive decision-making units, cannot be at the same time promoters of human unity nor their agents. And, therefore, we, the people as people, free willing and with personal responsibility, without considering ourselves subjects or subordinated to any state nor lead by anyone, have to assume the task of projecting human unity and its terms.

For it, we have created this website where we are celebrating a Congress on human unity terms, starting now with the Education/Humanities area, as also promoting a Humanity Festival around the globe, you are, of course, invited to participate as per your human condition.

This is our MISSION, and now, respectfully, we hope it is also yours.