Dear friends,

We invite you to celebrate a World Festival to show our will to live together in a single human country because this is the way to avoid war and violence forever.

For this, we have also called for an open and transparent Congress whereby to set up unity..

Now, we are looking for volunteers for broadcasting and organizing it. Please, join (think of your friends too):

Volunteers, people or associations, will be in charge of spreading the proposal of a Humanity Festival and organizing it as well; gathering support, donations, sponsorships, institutional subsidies, community involvement, contacting artists, coordinating with the institution, getting official permits, etc.

We will start organizing a conference each week for exchanging best practices, ideas, and activities making the best sense as expressions of human reconciliation and friendship, as well as the willingness to cooperate and live together.

In a world map, we will mark our advance in contacting people and people volunteering. The human festival will be celebrated as soon as we can coordinate it, but, after the pandemic, we start promoting in the local festivals the proposal of human unity and the human party to celebrate it, in each place according to their customs.

The main mean for making the call will be the social networks, but also universities could be a good mean for transmission and coordination of the global festival since they are in every country, share idiosyncrasy and also the Congress starts with the Education/Humanities area.