HUM is a transparent, non-profit NGO whose sole activity is to propose, spread, and carry out HUMAN UNITY.

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To implement human unity we just need to propose and spread it, to show all the people that human unity has become possible and it will be only beneficial for each and every one of us and, therefore, it is of each one interest to support it and contribute to spreading human unity proposal.

Therefore, we are asking you, oh dear reader, that you share this quest for human unity up to the point we make it a public question requiring an answer from everyone, which will be enough for its implementation.


As it has been seen by wise people in the East and in the West, it is obvious that (state´s) partial decisión taking ineludibly brings about confrontation and mutual destruction; one side expansion and development necessarily result detrimental for other sides and consequently, each side has to count on destruction means.

Human unity consists of dismantling borders and eliminating armies because their only cause of being is other armies’ existence. There is not another problem among humans.

States peaceful coexistence is illusory because any arm is integrated – hierarchically- in an armed unit, or else it is illegal or enemy and, therefore, shall be destroyed.

There is no other conflict among us than those arms, whose constant effect besides its punctual activity of killing and destroying, is to deprive and, therefore, to dismantle them is to build up the human community.

Out of arms meant to killing and harming, everything else just serves us, and, therefore, we can understand so much what it is to improve something as to clearly agree about how to use it and who shall be served by such a resource and what is common good.

United there will be no army or state because it does not make sense without opponents, There will not even be there a single weapon because once using common sense, how will we consent (producing) ‘homicidal tools’?

United, living together, we will distinguish evil – something meant to harm- and good -cooperation and service- as clearly as we now distinguish white from black or sweet from bitter.

We can live together just if we propose it because time is ripe for it now. This union will have not been absent in history at all, but this will could not be implemented or practiced in the past. How would you cooperate with those you do not know? However, even if you did not know them, you needed to defend yourself, to arm yourself, and they would also be there armed and hierarchically organized too. But now we can all cooperate at once, this is; we can join and live together because to unify is a universal and simultaneous cooperation act, just states or their officials are not the right agents of this initiative of common sense.


Human Unity Movement, HUM´s main value is Transparency, this is; we are responsible in front of everybody´s judgment in such a way that we can prevent that somebody´s interest is underestimated.

Human Unity Movement only aims for the human unity question to be published and openly considered because if it is discussed publicly we have already achieved it since to openly oppose world peace surely will not be easy.


Currently, governments consider political proposals for their states according to their strategic, confrontational, security priorities, and consequently, they can only be  partially open to the public for discussion

However, human issues are not political, they are not based on the conflict as politics, but refer only to human common empowerment, benefit, and are addressed by the best experts in every field, who will put forward their suggestions about how to work together on achieving them.

Stopping the urge of destructive development we will liberate a huge amount of resources able to almost immediately provide welfare for the whole Earth`s population, for addressing environmental issues, etc.

Experts generate their proposals in an open and always available document so that everyone can show his/her agreement, disagreement, or improve it with fundament. The world is run with transparency and understanding, agreement and cooperation of all.

Resources will be used rationally, where ownership does not play a role, becomes redundant. (Actually, private property is only there due to the awful faculty we have of transforming resources into arms or subordinated to them).



HUM, Human Unity Movement, organizes an International online Congress in this site: Roadmap towards Human Unity.

Purpose: To reach an agreement among the best experts on some important issues concerning all humans as a Roadmap for human unification.

  • Generate a public and open document so that everybody can show her agreement or disagreement or suggest improvements, aiming at using it as binding for human unity.

You can see here the Congress details in the following document:


Here you can see some more details on the Congress Working Groups

Humanity Congress Areas


We are looking forwards to solve current human conflicts.

Since our human positioning makes us part of both sides in the conflict and also we have a genuine interest in their cooperation, because their hostilities are actually harming us too, we have real authority to persuade them to stop their opposition and to allow common inclusive human decision-making.

Therefore we hereby are addressing those people with contacts in Yemen, Syria, Afghanisthan, Venezuela….for them to convey the people there our proposal and applying them to allow and facilitate our mediation.

Up to now, the war had no alternative, the war was the form of ‘freedom’, at least for one of the two sides and the war`s end did not bring peace but submission. Today ceasing war is peace and it is forever because Peace, which has always been Unity, is possible now, it is in our hands.


We, the people of Earth without distinction and without discrimination and in conditions of equality, give us on ourselves this Constitution that serves as a reference and understanding of our purpose of unity and avoid any confusion or doubt about it now and for future generations.

We intend to unite, to live together, this is: to take decisions inclusively and jointly; projecting our objectives, aims always taking into account the interests, desires, and concerns of all humans without distinction or discrimination.

In this sense, we consider two main aspects, according to human natural motivations:

A CONCEPT OF HUMAN SECURITY whose purpose is to prevent and avoid harm against each and every one of all humans and of life in general.

A CONCEPT OF SHARED HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, whose purpose is to meet the needs, satisfy human desires, develop our capabilities, increase our welfare, benefit, and, in short, pursue and achieve the happiness of each and every one of all humans.


Weapons are not only the most important threat to humans but also the obstacle to human coexistence and cooperation so that eliminating them is our first and main common objective.

To this end, the first step is to put all arms under a single command so that they are redundant, because they are one because of others, and, therefore, united, disarmament is not only possible but convenient. Uniting, putting the weapons under the same command, results in that weapons cannot take any initiative without permission from that command and, therefore, no harm initiative could be desired or can occur, because, in unity, any armed initiative would be damage against itself, and, on the contrary: what is thus convenient and appropriate is an agreed, joint and simultaneous disarmament.