Currently, governments consider political proposals, activities, options for their states according to their strategic, confrontational interests and, consequently, only partially can be published, undergo scrutiny, and open discussion.

However, human issues are not political issues, they are not based on force and conflict as politics, which solve it also by imposition, enforcement; human issues refer only to human benefit and empowerment, and, therefore, they can be openly considered, and mainly first by those more intelligent or more experts on the fields under question.

And those pundits generate open proposals about how to cooperate and achieve common objectives so that they are always accessible to all, and everyone can agree or disagree and propose improvements. The world is governed with transparency, openness and every undertaking is carried out with understanding, agreement, and cooperation from all.

Resources are also used rationally, and therefore ownership does not play any role, it becomes redundant.

The end of spending and investing in destruction means will liberate a big amount of resources which will soon provide welfare for all and integrate all Earth population.

Unity, or inclusive decision making, will also lead us to naturally face common problems like climate change, environmental deterioration, etc, we cannot face now because they require everyone´s cooperation.