This Room is opened for Education and Humanities

The Education/Humanities area refers, first of all, to compiling and reflecting upon the concept of humanity, the human species, in several -most relevant- cultural expressions (Humanities), and its posterior inclusion in a Universal Education System, shared by humanity (Education). Each culture has evolved in a limited, particular environment, but ineludibly has elaborated a vision of humanity and probably also of peace or human unity.

We are applying for UNESCO support and cooperation as a mediator or participant.

We are inviting 20 relevant representatives or experts of those different cultures to participate in this Congress area. Among them, religious expressions such as Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianism, Islam…, and also political doctrines as Socialism, Liberalism, or others, as Confucianism, Cosmopolitanism…and, perhaps, some aboriginal people expressions.

We will contact those persons or entities asking them for a short and general presentation of their vision for Humanity.

Those experts’ contributions and their dialogue implying or manifesting tolerance and acknowledgment to all other visions as Humanity expressions will be published in the Congress Final Document and they will be proposed to be included in the Universal Education System which will collect also other Congress results.

In this Room, we will publish some information related to this Working Area, such as regulations, expositions, etc., but the Education/Humanities open conversation Room is here

Education Humanities