This Room is dedicated to Development

This area refers to the study, reflection, and objectivation of the most urgent and important humanitarian current needs, aiming at proposing and organizing their immediate coverage, as also at the integration of all underdeveloped areas with the rest of the world in terms of communication, infrastructures, and economy.

We are inviting representatives and experts on the situation from some countries in Central Africa (Democratic Republic of Congo, Centroafrican Republic, Burundi…) and other areas as Haiti, Afganistan, Yemen…., and also some relevant ONGs, as BRAC, MSF, Care Intl, and some UN agencies, which, besides participating in the Congress we are asking for their support as mediator and organizers of it, such as UNICEF, FAO, UNDP and WFP

We are asking those people and entities to share their knowledge of the most urgent and priority needs to be immediately covered as also their understanding of a standard of dignified life in those and other underdeveloped areas in order for it to serve as a reference for an overall minimum common human development standards.

That information will be published in the Congress Final and Open Document and included in the Universal Education System.

Una vez alcanzado este conocimiento y consenso abierto y público sobre objetivos y procesos de desarrollo humano, consideramos ésta la tarea prioritaria en SEGURIDAD HUMANA, a la que redirigir los recursos actuales a la seguridad parcial contrapuesta, así como para unir conciencias y voluntades humanas en la acción cooperativa.

Once an open agreement about objectives and development processes is achieved, we consider this task to be the first to be carried out by HUMAN SECURITY, and to which reassign resources currently directed to partial opposite security and, finally, as a mean to unify human consciousness and will with cooperative action.

In this Room, we will collect standardized information, as regulation, summaries, etc

The space for conversation on Human Development is here