This is the Room for the Communication area

This area will be in charge of Global Coordination and Communication and, therefore, in charge of publishing the Congress results as also its development, including validation criteria for the execution of the agreements reached in it. Logically, human communication is accessible and open, as well as inclusive and constructive.

We are inviting the main Communication companies considering the main linguistic areas, asking them to make their proposals for a system of common human communication. Those proposals will be publicly and openly discussed in order to produce a joint proposal.

The communication system is at the same time the decision-making system because all people are equal and we will adopt the best proposal according to its object and there is no other criterium than this publicly exposed. Consequently, publishing is the form of decision-making, where every person can publish on equal footing also her objections and doubts. Logically, most of the questions will be answered/addressed according to experts’ recommendations or proposals.

The criteria, characteristics, and fundaments of the agreement on the global Communication and Coordination system will be published in the Congress Open and Final Document and shared with the Universal Education System.

In this room, we will standardized information on the Communication area of the Congress, while the proposals, participation, and debate on it will take place here