We, the Peace and Cooperation and HUM – Human Unity Movement- associations have applied for a meeting with Madrid City Council aimed to agree on a venue and a date in 2021 where to call for a Congress to set up human unity, this is; to the application of an inclusive decision-making system for the whole of humanity so that we will only universally benefit all ourselves and not more harming each other.

Hereby we expose the Congress concept submitting it as clear as possible to the City Council consideration as also to everybody´s reading it because it is addressed and open to all people in the world as it concerns us all without exception.

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The world economy

The economy has no much secret behind so much paraphernalia. Nothing better to understand it than its story. And best stories are those having the best scenario. And it is particularly good the one marking the Chinese economic experience because that experience was limited to an almost complete frame, it was a whole world on its own.

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Dear friends,

I wish you all to be in good health.

Today we lack it due to this human crisis. A situation indeed concerning us all and, however, we are not acting together because we do not have cooperation mechanisms, even if we see that we need it by exchanging info, sharing and rationalizing supplies, concentrating efforts, etc. We could do much better today for our health and basic security.

Also, I want to share with you a story that might entertain and enlighten you.

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To the Madrid people, asking for their support for the celebration there of a Congress on Human Unity.

– If we make decisions jointly instead of each state separately, we will only benefit us and will not mutually harm ourselves. We summon experts in human common interests to agree on binding proposals for human unity and cooperation

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Dear friends

Dear friends,

Power is yours, please, make good use of it on the 8th of March by supporting human unity so that Madrid City Hall cooperates with the organization of a World Congress where to apply and set up an inclusive decision-making system for Humanity as we are proposing from HUM – Human Unity Movement. Because the result of inclusive decision making will be only our benefit instead of mutually harming as we have been doing up to now as the consequence of partial or exclusive decision making.

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It is very interesting to see that Confucius and Aristotle use similar ethical concepts. By the dog! We could think they were in contact. The main Nicomachean Ethics principle is the Mean or the Intermediate and one of the Confucianism Four Classics is, besides the Analects, Mencius, the Great Learning, the Doctrine of the Mean expressing the same idea as Aristotle’s does. The Mean is what society values most, as much by praising as by pricing it and does it so by comparing and refusing the extremes.

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武汉加油!! –  Courage Wuhan!!

Dear Friends,

We have applied again together with the NGO Peace and Cooperation for a meeting with Madrid City Hall in order to retake or propose anew the celebration in Madrid of a Congress on Human Unity in 2021 since 2020 as planned would be to short time now for arranging it.

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As the director of Chinese studies in Instituto Complutense de Estudios Internacionales, ICEI, I have participated in a seminar about “Experience of the Chinese investments in Spain”, inserted in the general project: “A new impulse in China Spain relationship in the political frame of the European Union”.

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It is time to think about war, just as simple people and in an open way.

I think it would be a good reference to look at it in the Iliad and The Art of War because war is the topic of both books, what could be for us, poor humans, more important?

Written in a similar time, both works ground and configure two main development lines of human civilization, Western and Chinese. Both are clear about war definition; war is the art of deception.

Say it so The Art of War without delay nor palliative in its first page and so the Greeks win it by deceiving the Trojans with the wood horse honoring the goddess Pallas Athenian.

But, if deceiving the enemy is prompted, deceiving the subordinate is permanent. The Iliad is by itself a case of political falsity; nationalist propaganda, which particularly justifies the invasion with Helena’s story or tale and, in the end, war, they say, is caused by the Gods.

While The Art of War does not care about any origin of war and simply says it is state´s way of life, the Chinese book illustrates very well the need to materially and mentally manipulate the subordinates or soldiers, among others resources those of propaganda and mystification put in practice by the Iliad.

War causes that we deceive each other (or vice-versa), so we need to make things clear; human problem is not a question of misunderstanding or even of lacking of communication capabilities, we have those enough and we all know who we are, where do we come from and where are we going, the real problem is that we deceive each other.


Now, how to use or set up the truth or some truth to get along with each other, in order to cooperate instead of look for mutual destruction and to trust each other? God was an idea.

Indeed personal freedom makes it uncertain because we are free, and each person can change her view from one to next second. However, this is nothing to worry too much about, because if she changes her view, before acting unilaterally and upset others, first she’s got to tell, expose and coordinate in the same ways we do with any initiative since it has an individual origin, right?

But something is for sure; we have to start proposing it, I think.

And if something is also sure it is that the truth requires transparency and transparency is the same as universality. That was unfeasible in the past, but now globalization allows it and it is actually requiring it because most important of all is that we are proposing it to everyone without distinction nor discrimination; is it not its guarantee and at the same time its novelty?

For this reason, we are calling for an open and transparent World Congress on human unity so that we can all cooperate according to common sense and to the objectivity of actions and objects which constantly reveal the truth by its practice, here its simultaneity or concerted effort for a common objective.

The Congress is not an idea, it is an activity we know, or at least preview (such as a journey) from the beginning to the end and that Congress is about how to get all along for cooperation instead of for destruction. In that activity time, money, management is invested because those services are being bought –in order to add value to them.


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