Dear friends,

After our meeting with the Madrid City Council representative at the end of September, where, once again, we presented our proposal to hold a Congress dealing with Human Unity, this is, the establishment of an inclusive decision-making system for Humanity, we have received the answer referring to the economic conditions that any proposal for such an event must meet.

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Regardless of the country and area of the world each of us was born and our history and experience, we can all understand, because we have common sense, that partial decision-making, separated and independent from others, necessarily results detrimental to those excluded.

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Madrid City Council. The Vaccine

Dear friends,

First of all, I want to inform you about recent communication from Madrid City Council regarding our application for a meeting concerning the organization in Madrid of an open and transparent World Congress where to deal with human unity. I translate it here:

“From the Subdirección General de Internationalization del Ayuntamiento de Madrid, we inform you that, due to scheduling problems caused by the extraordinary measures adopted in regard to the Pandemic, we are obliged to postpone our appointment for that meeting.

Therefore, we are asking you to send us your application again from September when we expect to retake ordinary meetings and visits”.


Even though we all are interested in keeping safe and healthy, the World Health Organization, WHO, is unable to obtain and to publish scientific or solid information on the current pandemic. Probably, the info it gathers does not include its testing, proofs, which stays private, inaccessible to the public.

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Motivation is all about increasing possession -private property. So, world peace, human community -which prevents harming purposes- can never be achieved because it cannot be motivated.

– Enlightenment:

Indeed, human resources are moved to work by increasing or decreasing individual property handover, and it can even be confiscated by bailiffs and forfeiture.

Now, motivation does not distinguish benefit or harm.

–              For instance, when I was in Berlin, the more wall meters I accomplished at work, the better payment.

–              Fines might be rewarded by a percentage

–              Qin regime would pay its soldiers according to the handover of enemies’ heads number and such relation between harm and rewards are usual in wartime.

–              After the war, with the distribution of land among generals and officials according to their contribution to expanding the state.

But a community does not only prevents harming purposes -to motivate them would be like harming herself- it must have good purposes. And beneficial purposes obtain acknowledgment -which is motivation.

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The expression Heaven´s will (天志 Tiān zhì) by Mòzi is an important part to understand Mozi´s doctrine, however, in China students only know from Mòzǐ Universal Love (兼爱 Jiān ài) and Against Aggressive War (Fēi gōng 非攻). Those two doctrines allow for a refutation of Mòzǐ´s philosophy, while Heaven´s Will is not to be refuted since it is sustained by itself as the model or standard of Universal Love, but, on the other side, it is just speculation without any possible demonstration.

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Informing is sharing news in order to facilitate or to keep cooperation.

However, cooperation is not yet universal and, therefore, the underlying object of cooperation up to now has been meant to obtain some advantage –to someone else disadvantage. For this reason, information has always been opaque and the motivation of its purpose could not be published -made universal.

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We, the Peace and Cooperation and HUM – Human Unity Movement- associations have applied for a meeting with Madrid City Council aimed to agree on a venue and a date in 2021 where to call for a Congress to set up human unity, this is; to the application of an inclusive decision-making system for the whole of humanity so that we will only universally benefit all ourselves and not more harming each other.

Hereby we expose the Congress concept submitting it as clear as possible to the City Council consideration as also to everybody´s reading it because it is addressed and open to all people in the world as it concerns us all without exception.

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The world economy

The economy has no much secret behind so much paraphernalia. Nothing better to understand it than its story. And best stories are those having the best scenario. And it is particularly good the one marking the Chinese economic experience because that experience was limited to an almost complete frame, it was a whole world on its own.

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Dear friends,

I wish you all to be in good health.

Today we lack it due to this human crisis. A situation indeed concerning us all and, however, we are not acting together because we do not have cooperation mechanisms, even if we see that we need it by exchanging info, sharing and rationalizing supplies, concentrating efforts, etc. We could do much better today for our health and basic security.

Also, I want to share with you a story that might entertain and enlighten you.

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To the Madrid people, asking for their support for the celebration there of a Congress on Human Unity.

– If we make decisions jointly instead of each state separately, we will only benefit us and will not mutually harm ourselves. We summon experts in human common interests to agree on binding proposals for human unity and cooperation

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