Human unity is also human community as a result of the armed units dissolution That community becomes as a result of the evolution of companies, since they are a main object of common sense.

– Up to know, the Corporate Social Responsibility, RSC, is based on companies good (or bad) practices (as no polluting, their social contributions, their workers conditions, etc.) while RSC does not take into consideration ventures entrepreneurship aim. A company assuming CHR means that its first aim is serving Humanity.
Indeed, every company product or service (a cup, a TV, a car, a program, an app and so on) always aims at satisfying human needs or desires without discrimination and any product or service progress or development towards their aims is an advancement for the whole humanity no matter what individual or part achieves or promotes it. Human needs and desires are also equal, we all humans need to be feed, want to reach further, enjoy good health, to be happy…., we do not need to discuss or deal about our ends, we do not need politics, since we all know and we all agree about what we all want. Even more, humans are not only passive bodies whose needs (and desires) have to be covered by those products or services, also our relationship as humans results indiscriminate when we have a common cause, a common production, service aim…..because in this way we use rational objective criteria which equalize people and generates community, where property is irrelevant and privileges are detrimental.



– CHR, companies aiming at serving Humanity, also means companies supporting Human Unity, this is; common, inclusive decision taking, which prevents any destructive or harmful entrepreneurial aim. It is nonsense one harming oneself, which is our condition when we all unite.
CHR is not a company sacrifice for the sake of another, external good, on the contrary; it fits its logical aim of expanding its service without any restriction on the market, users or consumers. We can see, however, for instance, how American companies are prevented from selling to China, Iran or others and companies are basically prevented from helping other´s development, even if they are interested in mature markets, because currently any development implies along with it development of destruction power. This is our original problem and we can overcome it with Human Unity.

We, the people, as users and consumers, are real free now to choose or select the companies we want to deal with and, therefore, we shall already request them Human Responsibility; in the end:Transparency