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Join our social networks to know and to spread our proposal as also our activities and events
Take the initiative, count on us.

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Commit some of your time to HUM


Donate to help spreading the call for human living together and humanitarian causes.


Promote, impulse, support and publish human unity.

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Share our dream, contribute with your vision, ideas for human unity and human unity proposal spreading.

We are listening

We collect initiatives for the communication of human unity and humanitarian actions.


Bequest a legacy to humanity. Contribute in kind…. Etc.

Humanity friend: Enter the Movement

  • Register here your support for Human Unity.
  • Promote, impulse, support, spread and divulge the call for humanity living together. Do it mouth to mouth, using your social networks, at your work place, in your City Council, etc.
  • Give preference in your deals with Humanity Friends business.
  • Propose your city council your city to become Humanity Friend City.
  • Become a volunteer and voice your support for the International Congress: “Roadmap to Human Unity”.
  • Coordinate, organize with friends Movement activities. Your action for Human Unity is the whole Movement action, we work together for an aim and we are, therefore, at your service.
  • Bestow your experience and skills to Humanity.

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